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Whether you prefer a presentation course or individual coaching, I can devise a development package that serves your needs best.



One-to-one coaching offers individuals more in-depth, tailor-made and focused learning.  Typically, the individual coaching package is done in three sessions of 2 hours each over an agreed period of time.  The first session covers structuring and presentation theory.  The second works on style and delivery using camera feedback.  The third brings all the elements together again using camera feedback.



My courses can be customised to address your specific business requirements. 

The courses I offer are often divided into three segments, similar to the individual coaching:  theory, individual coaching and bringing it all together with group presentations.   The difference from individual coaching is that the group explores the different elements together through group exercises.  The added benefit for them is that they gain a sense of team building and longer term support from their colleagues because of their shared learning.



Creating the development package that's right for you...





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