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Jan was invited to work with us as a presentation skills coach at our Worldwide Leadership Conference in Madrid.  I don’t think any of us expected the improvements she achieved in such a short space of time.  I, personally, was impressed with insights I gained into my own delivery.  So much so, I decided that I could really benefit from a further individual coaching session with her.

Ian Meakins, Managing Director for the Venture Markets, United Distillers & Vintners



Trust.  That’s got to be the most important lesson I learned working with Jan.  I trusted that what she taught me would work - and I’m glad I did.  I’ve never had such an ecstatic reaction from an audience… and I was surprised to learn just how many opportunities can come out of giving a good presentation.

Tony Gott, Chief Executive, Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars


Asked to provide a speaker trainer that would work with a senior exec team without lecturing them, I thought of Jan immediately and was proved right. She worked wonders with the team, enhancing their individual styles and building confidence where necessary.  Immediately after the event, the client requested Jan to work on another presentation and recommended her to another colleague, which is praise indeed.

Julie Albury, Director of Production, PGI Europe

Dear Jan… .

Thought I would write to share the good news….  The analysis illustrates significant improvement in the quality of the speakers.  Your contribution to bring about improvement is greatly appreciated by both the individual presenters and the conference organisers.  I look forward to working with you at future conferences…

Craig Knight, Managing Director of Savings & Investments, Bristol & West plc

Following our coaching, it was clear the presentation we had built would have failed to engage the audience in the right way. Yes, this meant burning the midnight oil to restructure it, but the results on the day far outweighed the effort. I will follow Jan's process every time now. After all, you only get one shot at a presentation.

Neil Whelan, Business Development Manager, ITNET

Firstly I want to say thanks for your coaching in the run up to the Sesame shows in February and March. I'm not too sure if you know what happens, but all of the presenters are awarded scores by the attendees at the end of each presentation (out of 10) for both quality and value to their business - and I got the highest 'quality' score over the 52 shows (8.96 !!!!) as well as the highest score for any individual presentation (9.4). So - thanks for your help!!!

Richard Sheppard, Pensions Specialist, Clerical Medical

In an email to Jan the Business Proposition Manager of Bristol & West Financial Services explained that before Jan worked with the team, their roadshows had a customer conversion rate of 25%.  Afterward, however, that rate went up to 72%.  Projected income from the events was now over £300k - almost three times their £120k target.  Speaking one of the team's delivery, she said:


“Sean is so much more confident now. He appeals to the target audience well as you can see from the customer feedback below, which was complied from customer feedback forms completed by customers on the day. 82.95% of our audience thought Sean was good or excellent! Only one customer walked out throughout the seven seminars, which I think you will agree is a fantastic result given the number of customers (434) that attended.”

Jane Seymour, Business Proposition Manager, Bristol & West Financial Services

She helped me structure presentations in a different light.  It’s now not about getting my message across but about what they audience want to hear.  It’s about offering information to the audience in a way that they’re receptive to.  It broke the concept of how I thought presentations should be structured and done and allows you to view yourself from the outside.

Stephen Huller, Development Manager, Scottish Equitable

We now connect what the audience wants with the content you deliver... You can then deliver it in a way that will engage them. You have empathy with the audience, so that we in turn get great value from it.  It adds a new dimension to the way we do things.  It allows more freedom to the way we construct presentations.  It ensures that the audience takes away what we want to deliver.  Best of all, you get value for money because it increases the uptake by the audience.

Neil Jackson, Key Relationship Manager

Nick Kirwan, Head of Protection, Marketing & Product Development

Abbey National


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