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Sometimes growth involves change and that can mean taking a risk.  For a lot of people that makes them feel uncomfortable.  Good coaching provides a safe environment for the client to explore what they really want and how they are going to achieve it.   More than that, the coach works with the client so that the changes are broken down into manageable size chunks which helps make the change feel as though it were natural and effortless.


P = p - i

Renowned sports coach and management consultant, Tim Gallwey, believes that a person’s potential (P) equals a person’s performance (p) minus the interference (i).  Another way of thinking about this is; to bring a person’s performance more in line with their potential, a good coach will help the person reduce the interference.  This interference could be internal such as limiting beliefs about what they are capable of.  Or it could be external, such as fear of peer pressure.  Whatever the source of the interference, the coach is there to support the person as they overcome the interference and support them as they move closer to fulfilling their potential. 

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Growth can mean taking a risk
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