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Organisations spend a great deal of money on staff development.  It therefore makes sense to ensure that both the individual and the organisation gain the greatest benefit they can for what they spend.   Ccoaching can help and can be used in a variety of formats for a variety of different aims.  The structure of any coaching programme depends on the needs of the client.  Some examples include:

How It Works


In the case of one-to-one coaching, the coaching tends to take place over a minimum three month period.   Below is an example of how my sessions are typically structured but they can easily change depending on the outcome of the Intake Session.

The Intake Session

This is the first session and is usually between two and three hours long.  The purpose of this first session is to:


Subsequent Sessions

Once the boundaries of the relationship have been agreed, coaching often consists of 8 hours of overall coachaing.  From my own experience, I would recommend weekly coaching sessions of around 45 minutes.  These could be face-to-face or by telephone.  However, sessions could just as easily consist of two hourly sessions with longer gaps between.  Again, this will be negotiated between the client and the coach during the Intake Session.

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